What’s exciting about travel photography in India is that it gives you an amalgamation of different cultures and familiarizes you with all of it. India is the second most popular country in the world because of the variety of cultures and diversity that it provides, and the largest democracy attracts thousands of tourists every year. That also motivates the locals to keep these states neat and maintain the needful. 

All the places in the list and extremely photogenic, filled with stories and have a lot to tell. What’s even more exciting about travel photography in India is the excitement and hospitality of the locals that keep you going. The strangers smiling at you with a warm welcoming wave will always make you feel belonged and at home even on a trip. 

India being a land jam-packed with culture and rituals gives the photographers a chance to explore on. Along with that, it also has different people, languages and traditions around the country and will make you feel like going to different countries altogether. 

Wandering to different places has been an ideal routine for everyone. And, we are equally guilty. Because, what can be more exciting than going around different places, taking a bowl of scenic beauty and capturing every moment of it to remember in future, right? The beauty adds itself to a higher percentage if you are a fan of nature and history. 

And, if your resume says “Travel Photographer”, you don’t have to travel to Iceland or Switzerland for capturing the beauty of nature. Wondering, why? Because India has a lot of it, maybe more! 

So, we thought to curate a list of our favourite places in India for Travel Photography. This list includes some of the most amazing places that awaits your days full of surprises and wonders from nature. 



Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is a perfect blend of nature and culture. With the flawless amalgamation, it also gives you a chance to pick on some of the best photography spots. From ghats at River Ganga to everyday Aarti at Dasashwamedha Ghat which is a sight that the world craves for, your trip will be content with everything. A trip in Varanasi can provide you with a treat of amazing desi cuisine and scenic beauty. While you are on your way to explore the photography in Varanasi, we ensure you that your pictures will have a creative bunch of people and culture. From clicking portraits of Sadhus to taking stills of the burning ghat to have authentic food, it would be a mix of all. 




Pushkar in Rajasthan is most famous for the very grand and exciting annual Camel and Horse fair, also called as "Pushkar Mela" that happens for five days. While you plan to visit the city, do not miss a chance to attend the fair too. The annual fair with camels is one of the best reasons why Pushkar should be a spot for travel photography. It is also one of the most sacred cities in India that covers many iconic temples, mosques and Gurudwaras. In Pushkar, photography is usually based on clicking portraits of people, their culture, capturing the most from the Pushkar Mela, camels, horses,  and a hundred things more!




Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places and one that plays a huge part in keeping travel photography alive and relevant in India. From various monuments and travel spots, it also assures you an experience for life! From the beautiful weather to the amazing Tibetan culture, it has something for all. In the panoramic vista, it flatters every visitor with its beauty of lakes, snow mountains and patches of green land. Visit Ladakh and let your pictures speak stories that you wish to tell the world. Ladakh being infamous for Landscape picturesque and travel photography, it is also a delight for bikers. Ladakh has highest motorbike roads and one of the best monasteries and mountains. It also provides you with all the chances for Arial Photography and a well full of possibilities. If nothing else, it most definitely delivers a well full of chances and opportunities for all the photographers.




Being situated in Karnataka, a place like Hampi is every travellers’ happy place. It is a land of temples and monuments and hence definitely gives a chance to focus on photography through so many different variants. It is a testament to the glorious past and has ruins that only reflect authenticity and grandeur. Its interesting history with Vijaynagar gives it another reason to be featured. Places like Hampi are relatively less famous and exactly why bring in more curiosity about the past too. Hampi is infamous for its ruins with the Vijaynagar Empire and one can explore so much with the landscapes, stone boulders, the beautiful colour palette of the sunsets and the natural beauty.




Northeastern states are full of surprises and it's exactly why you must go to Northeast for your travel photography. The fashion here is beyond amazing. It makes you wonder if you are still in India. The area includes seven states (also called seven sisters) and has their beautiful traditions that you would love to dive. The states are full of natural beauty and hence are one of the biggest attraction for tourists. Northeastern states are also very eco friendly and can provide you with a calm, near the nature experience. As a travel photographer, it would help you get some of the most amazing landscape natural scenes, some beautiful rituals and smiling faces for your pictures. Best places for photography in northeast India include Majuli Island, Unakoti Hills, Umngot River, Sela Pass,  Nohkalikai Falls,  Tawang Monastery, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Krem Liat Prah,  Nongriat,  Dirang Valley,  Kangchenjunga, Gurudongmar Lake, Mawlynnong, Mayong, Tsongmo Lake, Sualkuchi,  Mawsynram,  Ziro, Touphem and many others.




Being situated in Kerela, Munnar has a favourable climate all round the year. The best reason why Munnar is perfect for travel photography is because of the beautiful weather, greenery, mountains and much more! It also has great tea plantations and its beauty doesn’t leave to flatter anyone. Munnar is also acclaimed as the “God’s own Country” because of the purity and the freshness of the place.




The land for the very famous Char Dham Yatra (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath) exclusively stands for its spiritual importance in history. From the grand Ganga Aarti and evening aarti that attracts tourists from around the world, to Triveni Ghats, Rishikesh has a bucket full of spiritual wonders. Along with that, it also has some of the most famous Yoga Ashrams in India and it attracts tourists from around the world. It is also famous for the Laxman Jhoola that plays a huge importance in Hindu mythology. As a travel photographer, you must visit Rishikesh for the spiritual touch and the authenticity that would bring in life to your photographs. With the beautiful blend of nature and spirituality, it will also give you innumerable chances for portrait photography and for capturing the wonderful rituals.   




Kashmir has been insanely famous for hundreds of things over the decades. From the beautiful snowflakes, the chilling weather, the houseboats, everything about Kashmir is magical. The Kashmir valley is also known for its lakes and gardens. If you are planning to visit Kashmir for travel photography, Kashmir is a heaven to be in. The shepherds taking care of their sheep everyday, the snow being an everyday mandate and much more! You can cover places, people, tradition and markets too. Don’t forget to add an extra spark with the food. World-renowned photographer, Steve mc Curry spends a good amount of time in Kashmir for the because of the insightfully beautiful place that has flattered him to a different note.