Many of us love to explore to relish nature and wildlife. There are few who just love to travel and see unexplored places and experience being there. Photography offers a spectacular window to the unknown world out there. May it be a small unknown insect or a huge vast serene landscape, it acts as a medium to educate the masses about the importance of nature and wildlife. 


Daddy Long Legs (Pholcus phalangioides) or cellar spider photographed on a floor mat at home using a Google Nexus 5 and a simple flashlight.

To throw some light about the above picture, not using smartphone camera in-built flash can give you amazing macro details if you provide enough light through any other source like an additional torch.

Let me show you some more.

Nitin Shenoy

Coorg Yellow Bush Frog (Raorchestes luteolus) photographed on a Google Nexus 5 using a torch to backlit the subject.


Wait, let’s get to ground realities. There are a lot of challenges to it – the leeches during monsoons, no network, saving money to travel, taking off from your regular work, planning time, finding reasonable accommodation, and much more. Adventure is not a cakewalk you see and that’s what makes it captivating.

Most importantly Ethics are vital too. Simply put , ethical photography deals with how a photographer can make good images by not putting the environment or animal at risk. In fact no picture is worth taking which might put a wild animal at risk. Best practice would be to learn more about the species one photographs which gives a deeper perspective to understand the animal and make good images too.

Having said all that, you can even find many free apps for phone to even process your photographs and post them on the go. That’s super fast isn’t it?

It’s truly said “Images speak a lot more than words”. Photographs can be a voice for species which are under threat and help people connect with nature in a better way.

On a closing note, Nature’s creations can be captured beautifully even with minimal equipment if you learn to understand the nature’s ways. I’m sure my photographs speak more than the story here.

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About the Photographer
Nitin Sheony

Naturalist | Wildlife Rescuer | Certified EcoVolunteer | Photographer | Cyclist | Foodie | Vocalist