There are several reasons why you should be printing your photos – we could literally sit here for most of the morning and create a list longer than your arm. But we won't.

We are all immersed in the digital age, well and truly. This means we're also sharing photos – from professional shots to over-filtered selfies, it doesn't matter – my point is that we're taking more pictures than ever and they're displayed everywhere for the world to see.

Turns out we're doing this so much so that we're switched onto “autopilot” mode, and forgetting all about actually holding a printed photograph. It's not just millennials guilty of being 100% online, all the time – those of us that grew up in the film era aren't doing much of the printing stuff either.

Printing  allows you to understand you work better. How? It helps reveal things you wouldn’t have normally seen on a digital screen. Seeing your photos in print will allow you to see what your (and your camera’s) strengths and weaknesses are.


photographers print photos

Adding photo printing to your photography package allows you to provide a more comprehensive service. Aside from giving you the option of earning extra cash, printing gives you the opportunity to deliver the best possible output for your clients. After all, imagine taking the time and effort to capture all of those perfectly composed and exposed photos, only to have them look horrible once the client has them printed elsewhere.

When you do your own printing, you retain control over image quality, size, and the overall presentation, so you get to ensure the quality of the final product.

Printing allows you to become a full-service photographer, which can help you attract both potential and long-time clients and take your business to the next level.

Nowadays, thanks to Instagram, pretty much anyone can be a photographer. But as previously mentioned, it’s easier to shoot photos for social media than for print, and by printing your work, you force yourself to really perfect everything down to the last detail and ensure that your shots look good on both print and digital.


As an Editor, you'll Only Get Better

nother great reason why you should be printing your photos is that physically holding an image can offer up details you may have missed on the screen. This could be finer quality details, the light or even the whole composition?

If you've got dust spots on your image, in print, they'll stick out like a sore thumb – and they won't look good. This will teach you to take more care and pay attention to your editing (and camera maintenance) and the finer details.